Self-Operated Nitrogen Supply Control Valve

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                             The Introduction of Products
 JKVS-41c Series Self-Operated Flow and Temperature Control Valve

JKVS-21B Self-operated Nitrogen Seal Pressure Regulating Valve

JKVS-41a Series Self-Operated micro-pressure Control Valve
JKVS-41a, Self-Operated micro-pressure control valve, which used to upstream pressure lower than 1.4Mpa and operate temperature lower than 120 degree, adjust pressure range is 0.14 to 7.2Kpa, the flow non-corrosive gases

Pressure balance partdiaphragm+spring
spring material304 Diaphragm
NBR:-40/ -20~80ºC
Product Features
Installation and adjust convenient, easy maintenance
Set pressure range 14 to 720mm H2
High sensitivity, high precision


JKVS-41b Series Self-Operated Nitrogen Supply Control Valve
JKVS-41b type nirogen seal control valve has two kinds of Nitrogen supply regulation and nitrogen release regulation, which can depend on the pressure change of the regulated medium itself to achieve the purpose of automatic regulation and stable pressure is mainly used to keep the container at the top of the shielding gas (usually nitrogen) pressure constant, so as to avoid directe contact with the air container material, prevent evaporation materials, oxidation, and the safety of vessel; This series of nitrogen sealing device is especially suitable for the gas seal of the vessel. This series of nitrogen sealing device is especially suitable for the gas seal protection system of all kinds of large storage tanks. It can be divided into two tupes: niteogenrelief type(K type )and nitrogen supply type(B type)

JKVS-41d Series Self-Operated Flow and Temperature Control Valve 
The main features are as follows:
1. With pressure balance function, high sensitivity
2. Low noise, reliable performance and maintenance free
3. Adopt standard modular design
4. Adjust the flow through the standard method of the throttle valve, which is convenient and quick.
5. Adopt imported fixed point adjuster, reliable quality and over temperature protection
6. Multiple combinations can be controlled by the assembly
                  Professional Control Valve Manufacturer                                                           
Company Profile
Junkang Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer of regulating valves and pressure relief valves. The company is located in the "township of pumps and valves in China" - Oubei Sanqiao Industrial Zone. It is 30 kilometers away from Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, 12 kilometers away from Wenzhou South Station and 10 kilometers away from Yongjia Station.
The company has strong technical force, with a number of sets of advanced production equipment and testing equipment. The technical team has rich product experience. The company has large-scale production. Products with reasonable design, beautiful appearance, stable quality and other characteristics, are widely used in power plants, iron and steel plants, oil extraction, refining and chemical industry, paper making, metallurgy, medicine, construction and other fields, long-term trust and praise by new and old users.
Junkang Valve has always been market-oriented, strict quality control, to ensure that the interests of users are effectively guaranteed. The company adheres to the "high quality as the main line, excellence as the goal", adheres to the "business integrity, quality innovation" business philosophy, and in the fierce market competition to establish a mutually beneficial sales network, highlighting the unique advantages of Junkang Valve.

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Test Center

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1.  What's Your Strong Products?
 The control valve series are our strong products.

  2.   If The Factory Has The Control Valve In Stock?
 There are no control valve in stock at  anytime, because this kinds of products are made by client's requirements

3.Can I request to advance the shipment?

   It should be depends on whether there is sufficient inventory in our warehouse.

4. Can I request to change the form of packaging and transportation?

Yes, we can change the form of the packaging and transportation according to your request, but you have to bear their own costs incurred during this period and the spreads.

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